谁知道这视频背景音乐的名字 或者 知道英文歌词的告诉一两句

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1. 谁知道这视频背景音乐的名字 或者 知道英文歌词的告诉一两句

chenparty 德国童声- schnuffel 谁知道这视频背景音乐的名字 或者 知道英文歌词的告诉一两句

2. 英文歌词翻译的句子 求歌名

第一首是We Rise Like Smoke——Kyler England
第二首是 Feel Better——Nikki Lang


3. 求这个视频的背景音乐,如果能听出部分英文歌词也行!

Diva - Fed Up


4. 求真实赛车3主界面背景音乐名字,英文歌词以及翻译。


5. let it go 英文歌词翻译中文读音的歌词。谢谢!!

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,not a footprint to be seen. 今夜山中白雪发亮,四顾无人迹 
A kingdom of isolation,and it looks like I’m the queen. 一个与世隔绝的王国,看起来我就像这里的女皇 
The wind is howling like the swirling storm inside,couldn’t keep it in,heaven knows I’ve tried. 心绪激荡纷乱如咆哮风暴一样,难以安放,天知道,我已尽力 Don’t let them in,don’t let them see 不让他们进来,不让他们看见 
Be the good girl you always have to be 仍旧努力做一个好女孩儿 
Conceal,don’t feel,don’t let them know 努力隐藏,不去想,不让他们发现 Well,now they know 可是他们现在已发现 
Let it go,let it go,can’t hold it back anymore 放飞心灵,放飞心灵,不能再压抑 
Let it go,let it go,turn away and slam the door. 放飞心灵,放飞心灵,转身将门砰然关闭
It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small 有趣的是距离使一切都变得渺小 
And the fear once controlled me can never get to me at all 曾经攫住我的恐惧不再将我困扰 
It’s time to see what I can do,to test the limits and break through 见证力量的时刻就要来临 
No right no wrong,no rules for me  不分对错,没有戒律 I’m free 自由降临 
Let it go,Let it go,I’m the one with the wind and sky 放飞心灵,放飞心灵,我与风和天空同在 Let it go,Let it go,you’ll never see me cry 放飞心灵,放飞心灵,不再哭泣 Here I stand and here I stay. 我站在这里,属于这片土地 Let the storm rage on. 让风暴肆虐

let it go 英文歌词翻译中文读音的歌词。谢谢!!

6. 哪个音乐软件!英文歌词还带翻译


7. 求英文歌词开头唱的是remember remember 的英文歌曲叫什么名字,是这个网址的背景音乐http://www.yunerluo

stand by me~~~~~
BEN.E.KING 原唱版,最开始的版本

John Lennon 翻唱版 一贯的披头四风格,很有英式摇滚的味道



Adriano Celentano(意大利文版):略显沙哑的唱腔,加上高潮部分的高音唱腔,将一首异国歌曲演绎的很有意大利风味



除了原版的,貌似只有超口爱乐团跟John Lennon版的比较容易找到,其他都只能上电驴下了

求英文歌词开头唱的是remember remember 的英文歌曲叫什么名字,是这个网址的背景音乐http://www.yunerluo

8. 有什么歌词很好的英文歌曲??要英文歌词,有翻译。谢谢了

scarborough fair 斯卡博洛市集 问尔所之,是否如适 Are you going to scarborough fair? 蕙兰芫荽,郁郁香芷 parsely sage rosemary and thyme. 彼方淑女,凭君寄辞 remember me to one who lives there. 伊人曾在,与我相知 she once was a true love of mine. 嘱彼佳人,备我衣缁 tell her to make me a cambric shirt. 蕙兰芫荽,郁郁香芷 parsely sage rosemary and thyme. 勿用针砧,无隙无疵 without no seams nor needle work. 伊人何在,慰我相思 then she will be a true love of mine. 彼山之阴,深林荒址 on the side of hill in the deep forest green, 冬寻毡毯,老雀燕子 tracing of sparrow on snow crested brown. 雪覆四野,高山迟滞 blankets and bed clothiers the child of maintain  眠而不觉,寒笳清嘶 sleeps unaware of the clarion call. 嘱彼佳人,营我家室 tell her to find me an acre of land. 蕙兰芫荽,郁郁香芷 parsely sage rosemary and thyme. 良田所修,大海之坻 between the salt water and the sea strand, 伊人应在,任我相视 then she will be a true love of mine. 彼山之阴,叶疏苔蚀 on the side of hill a sprinkling of leaves  涤我孤冢,珠泪渐渍 washes the grave with slivery tears. 惜我长剑,日日拂拭 asoldier cleans and polishes a gun. 寂而不觉,寒笳长嘶 sleeps unaware of the clarion call. 嘱彼佳人,收我秋实 tell her to reap it with a sickle of leather. 蕙兰芫荽,郁郁香芷 parsely sage rosemary and thyme. 敛之集之,勿弃勿失 and gather it all in a bunch of heather. 伊人犹在,唯我相誓 then she will be a true love of mine. 烽火印啸,浴血之师 war bellows blazing in scarlet battalions. 将帅有令,勤王之事 generals order their soldiers to kill and to fight for a cause. 争斗缘何,久忘其旨 they have long ago forgotten. 痴而不觉,寒笳悲嘶 sleeps unaware of the clarion call.